Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cancun Day 1

Justin, Jade, Megan and I just got back from our third trip to Mexico. We had so much fun again this year!

We flew out early on Tuesday morning. We had a pretty eventful flight from Sioux Falls to Atlanta. About 30 minutes into our flight, they turned on all of the lights (it was only about 6:30 AM) and said they needed any nurses/doctors on the flight for a medical emergency. Thankfully there were 3! It turned out that a guy had no pulse, and the defibrillator was needed! So scary! We were all sure we would make an emergency landing and not make it to Atlanta. However, after they used the defibrillator, the guy sat up and wanted to know why he was on the floor and where his coffee was. We continued our flight to Atlanta. They let this man off the plane first since a medical team was waiting for him, and he informed everyone he was fine and he did that to get off the plane first.

Jade was making sure we understood what do "in case of an emergency" since we were in the exit rows. :)
Ready to go!

We arrived in Cancun around 4:00. We had a short ride to our resort. We unpacked (well after check in and hand massages), headed to the hot tub, and then out for supper.

We were all on the 9th floor ... Jade and Megan were 11 doors down from us ...

We tried to swim ... it was too cold since the sun was going down.

We ate at Siete our first night -- great Mexican food! 

They always order the same thing!

A great first night!

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