Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 29, 2016

Old pictures

Since I haven't had time to upload pictures from the last 8 days, I thought I would share some old ones that I hadn't posted. :)

Good thing for sisters ... Jax gets to play super heroes and princesses. :)

Pretty excited to read SI and find the Raiders!

Jayla got this lego set from my parents for Christmas. She put it together the day after Christmas. She worked so hard on it!

Fell asleep watching a movie!

Jax is pretty creative with legos! He made this little car -- we were impressed that everything was exactly perfect/even on both sides.

Chasing the UFO!

Hopefully I'll get some more recent pictures uploaded tonight or tomorrow! Stay tuned for the 100th day of school, basketball games and daily activities from the Overmans!

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