Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fun Ski!

Justin and some co-workers participated in the tube races at Fun Ski again this year!

Preparing for the tube races ... in the photo booth. :)

Jade and Megan came out to cheer on the team too. :)

Soon we will be trading in snow tubes for lounge chairs on the beach!

The newest KSFY anchors!

More photo booth fun!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Old pictures

Since I haven't had time to upload pictures from the last 8 days, I thought I would share some old ones that I hadn't posted. :)

Good thing for sisters ... Jax gets to play super heroes and princesses. :)

Pretty excited to read SI and find the Raiders!

Jayla got this lego set from my parents for Christmas. She put it together the day after Christmas. She worked so hard on it!

Fell asleep watching a movie!

Jax is pretty creative with legos! He made this little car -- we were impressed that everything was exactly perfect/even on both sides.

Chasing the UFO!

Hopefully I'll get some more recent pictures uploaded tonight or tomorrow! Stay tuned for the 100th day of school, basketball games and daily activities from the Overmans!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

One of those weeks!

This week has been "one of those weeks" ... where the to do list seems to never end, there are never enough hours to accomplish everything, we are all completely exhausted, and the house literally looks like a tornado ripped through it. 

Jordyn's week ---
*spelling practice
*books to read
*math facts to practice
*Star of the Week ... organize show and tell, 10 pictures for school, and a treat for her classmates
*100 day swimming party at school
*1st graders led chapel
*dress like a 100-year old for the hundredth day of school

Jayla's week ---
*site words to read and write
*count 100 items for the hundredth day of school
*snack for school
*books to read

Jaxon's week ---
*lab work for 24 hours
*show and tell
*Tumblebus on Tuesday
*sledding day on Wednesday

My week ---
*organizing everything on the above mentioned lists
*meeting my friends for supper and exchanging freezer meals again (love this!)
*GEMS on Wednesday night and bringing dessert for all of our counselors and their daughters
*chapel to watch Jordyn
*falling down the steps on Tuesday night while carrying too much laundry (insert a lot of screaming and some major bruising ... thankful I didn't hit my head)
*lounge duty at work -- putting treats in the lounge everyday
*staff luncheon -- made a dessert
*looking at 10 loads of clean laundry that need to be folded and put away (hey - at least it's clean ---wrinkled, but clean) 
*I'm happy 10 loads are clean, but I'm pretty sure there are at least 4 more to wash! Yes, we go through a lot of clothes between work clothes, school clothes, work out/basketball clothes, towels.
*drying snow gear everyday
*organizing backpacks, snow gear and a million other things to go to school everyday
*waiting on my next jury duty date

Justin's week ---
*work, work and work -- he's been putting in some crazy hours and traveling out of town
*delivering Jaxon's labs to FedEx (and YES -- they made it to Chicago this time in less than 24 hours! Not 9 days!)
*guy time on Tuesday night with some good friends 
*chapel to watch Jordyn
*teaching JA twice in my classroom
*delivering the kids to school (Justin takes the three kids most days ... I had to laugh at what his car may have looked like on Wednesday morning ... 3 kids, 3 backpacks, 1 lunch bag, 3 bags of snow gear, 1 sled, and a whole bag of treats for two different snack celebrations for Jordyn's class. I'm guessing it was comical.)
*take Gizmo to the groomer

On a side note ... my dad got home from North Carolina late Monday night. The roads were crappy, so he stayed at our house since he didn't fly in until about 10:00. The kids were pretty excited to be surprised by Grandpa when they woke up on Tuesday morning. 

Jordyn has a friend staying over tomorrow night. So ... that means we will all be in clean up mode tonight!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Jaxon :)

I had a few people ask me to give a little update regarding Jaxon's health. :) I guess it has been a while since we have talked about it, mostly because things have gone pretty well!

We had one time in November that his temperature dropped through the night. He woke up crying and was freezing. His temp never got below 96 degrees, but he was so cold and even though I wrapped him in blankets and tucked blankets around the top of his head, he just couldn't quite warm up. Finally after a few hours he warmed back up and was fine the next day!

We had an appointment scheduled for next week to see his kidney doctor. Unfortunately, due to a bad mix-up from FedEx, that appointment is now pushed back 4 weeks. The doctor wanted Jax to do an 24-hour urine test to recheck the calcium levels. He has had high calcium in his urine since Feb. 2014 (or at least that was when it first detected). They have never found a reason for the high levels, but since he has been feeling well, they haven't been super concerned either. The last time we saw the kidney doctor was November 2014. He asked that we do the 24-hour test sometime around a year later. The test has very specific directions about starting it on a Sunday, finishing it on Monday morning and overnight shipping it to Chicago on that same Monday. We did this on January 3, and sent it off on January 4. Then it involves about 2-3 weeks of wait time for results, so we had made an appointment for January 25 to see his doctor. On Tuesday, Justin went home and found a box with new lab supplies on our doorstep. The note inside said the test did not arrive in Chicago within 96 hours, so it had to be thrown away and we have to do it again. Justin made some phone calls and some did some tracking of the package. On January 4 the package was sent to Memphis, TN, where is sat until January 12. (Keep in mind the receipt says Priority-Overnight to Chicago) Then they sent it to New Jersey, and then it arrived in Chicago on January 13. 9 days! I can't tell you how frustrated we are right now with FedEx. We now have to redo the test, starting on Sunday and finishing on Monday. Then it will (hopefully) get sent to Chicago. We had to set the appointment for about 4 weeks out due to the timing of the labs and how long it takes for the company to run the labs. It will now be the end of February before we know anything. Jax is really good about doing the lab work, but it also means it's another Sunday that he can't easily leave the house, unless we want the pee jug going along with us!

We have seen the ENT a couple of times in the last few months. They did a hearing check to make sure his hearing was still fine through all of the ear infections that he had. Thankfully, the hearing is great! (Well, maybe his "selective hearing" could be better at times - ha!) They are hoping to pull his final tube later in the spring or early summer. 

So ... for now that is his update! 
Sure love this little guy!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gym time!

On Monday we went to the kid gym at our fitness center to play basketball.

Jax is so excited about his new gym bag! This is Justin's bag from when he played in the Shrine Bowl in 2001. Jax thinks it is the greatest bag ever!

Justin and I took on the three kids ... they may have beat us ... and they may have fought over the ball even though they were on the same team. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jordyn's 1st Basketball Game

Jordyn also had her first game on Saturday. Like Jayla, she started with 30 minutes of practice and then a 30 minute game. 

Not a great picture, but she scored!

She was so excited after the game! We are so glad the girls both loved their first game!