Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Panther Football!!

We love our UNI Panthers ... we love them enough to wake up the family at 4:30 AM and leave the house at 5:00 AM for a football game!

We were pretty excited to find out the third playoff game would be in Fargo, which was just over 3 hours from our house!

5 AM -- pulling out of the driveway!

Elfie gave us a nice sendoff too!
The kids were awesome for us the whole day! They did great getting up early, and they slept for the first hour and a half that we were in the car. Then we stopped for breakfast, and then not again until Fargo! 

We went to an alumni tailgate when we got there. The girls were excited to see the dance team and the cheerleaders!

Then we were off to the game!
Jax sure loves pictures. Ha!

He loves pictures when he can photo bomb them!

Here come the Panthers!

The kids loved all of their yummy snacks. :)

Justin did too. Ha! Who doesn't love Tropical Sno though?!

The Panthers didn't come out on top, which was a bummer, but we had so much fun and were so glad we went!

The kids fell asleep shortly after we left Fargo and slept for a while. We stopped to swim at a small indoor water park on the way home. (Pictures to come soon.)

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