Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lots of Bing Bars!

SFC does a huge baking fundraiser each year. When I say huge, I mean they sell over 80,000 bars/cookies/Christmas treats that are made by the parents/staff. Everything that is made has very specific instructions. Last year I made 5 pans of bing bars. This year Megan and I decided we would do it together, but we would do 10 pans.

Last Tuesday I made 5 pans. The girls were great helpers!!

Then Megan came over on Wednesday night so we could make more. She worked on cutting bars, and we made the other 5 pans.

Not everything went smoothly. Some of the ingredients were different than last year, and it made things difficult. However, we made 10 pans ... and there might have been a few gooey ones, but we finished!

Perfectly cut 1.25" by 1.25". :)

 I don't think I'll make a single pan of bing bars ... until next year. :)

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