Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Programs #1 and #2

Two Sundays ago we had Jordyn and Jayla's Sunday School Christmas program and Jaxon's preschool Christmas program. How is it that they both ended up on the same day ... 30 minutes apart??!! The good news was that the SS program was at the girls' school, and Jaxon's program was at another school nearby.

Jaxon's started at 3:00, so we took him to his program. My parents picked up the girls to go their program because the girls needed to be dropped off at 3:00 for their program which started at 3:30.

All ready to go!

Our preschool has two different sites, with a total of 5 preschool classes. Jax has 9 kids in his class, but they had all of the kids singing together at the program, which helped us out because it made the program shorter, and then we could quickly leave for program #2!

Last year, Jaxon's Christmas program was a disaster. He ran around, rolled around, tried do a cartwheel, ran to the drinking fountain ... he did SO much better this year! What a difference a year makes! :) We weren't super close to take pictures, but, he's in the plaid shirt. :)

Then it was off to the Sunday School program! The girls both did a great job! (Jayla is in the front in a green dress, and Jordyn is in the second row in a pink dress.)

Jordyn, Zach and Adalyn ...

Jayla and her good friend, Kaylee ...

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