Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Snow fun!

We couldn't wait to play in the snow at the farm on Saturday afternoon! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Saturday morning

Our drive home on Friday night wasn't a great one. The snow had started to fall pretty hard, and the roads were kind of icky. We were happy to be safe at home. :) On Saturday morning we decided to run to the mall. We live pretty close to the mall, so even though we knew the roads wouldn't be great on the way there, we didn't have far to go.

The girls decided to dress alike in their new pants and shirts. They called themselves "sporty girls."

We got to the mall around 10:00 and were about the only ones there. We had three stores that we needed to go to for exchanges of different sizes. We were the only ones in line in each of the stores ... not your typical day after Christmas shopping. The weather definitely slowed everyone down! We ate lunch at the mall ... and Jayla made silly faces with apples ...

We headed home and then got ready to head back to my parent's house to celebrate Christmas with my dad's sister and her family.

Wearing our new shades on the way there ... 
Love that photo-bomber!

Christmas Day!

Everyone slept in (well, just a little) on Christmas morning.

Jordyn and Justin played Head Banz while waiting to open gifts. Jaxon tried to play too, but he's good at cheating. :)

Santa came!

This was one of my favorite things we gave my dad ... the moose glass from Christmas Vacation!

VERY excited girls!

We now need a new room in the house just for AG doll things.

New shades!

Now I need to learn to ski!

Love this little guy!

An intense game of Guess Who between Jayla and Josh ...

Kayla and I talked Justin into playing Set. 

He actually got a match in Set. Talk about excitement!

The kids love our new "UFO" toy ...

We left my parent's house after supper. The kids fell asleep immediately in the car. When we got home, Jax woke up so we carried him into the house and told him to take his shoes off. This is how well that went ... :)

A few last Christmas pictures ...