Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trying to play catch up!

Wow! I am really behind on blogging and uploading pictures! I know the month of December is busy with the holidays, but November has been so busy for us. Our family calendar has been full since the beginning of the month!

This kiddo has been keeping us on our toes! :) He sure loves to do his TMNT puzzle!

He also loves to draw self-portraits! :)

Last Friday night (over a week ago), Justin and I enjoyed a short date night. Our church does a baby-sitting night, so we dropped the kids off and went out for supper and did a little shopping. It was nice to have a few hours out. Jax loves the baby-sitting nights at church, because he spends the whole night doing this ...

On Saturday morning Justin and I both worked out, and then we met Jayla's friend, Lauren, and her mom and brother at the pavilion. Jayla and Lauren are good friends from daycare/preschool, and they hardly see each other anymore due to being at different schools. I'm so glad we could still get the girls together to play!

The rest of the weekend/week were crazy. After coming home from the pavilion on Saturday, I wasn't feeling great. I just felt really tired and achy. I slept for a little while, and then I spent the next few hours outside cleaning up the leaves and landscaping and playing with the kids. By the time we came in, I knew I had a fever.

Unfortunately what ever I had, did not want to leave me. I felt pretty crummy until about Thursday. I only took Wednesday morning off of work -- because of course this would happen during conference week. I had conferences until 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. I would say that finally by Friday I was feeling close to being back to normal.

I have many more pictures to share ... Jordyn learning to ride her bike, the 2-4 inches 17 inches of snow that fell, and Christmas tree decorating. Until then, I'll leave you with these two snuggling and watching a movie. :)

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