Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Last week!

Last week was a crazy week. We had something every night, and we were all exhausted by the time the weekend rolled around!

On Monday night Justin and I went to the Shinedown/Breaking Benjamin/Sevendust concert. Maybe not my overall favorite music, but it was still a good concert, and we had great seats! My mom came and watched the kids. We were glad that she had decided to stay overnight since it was about midnight when we got home. 5:30 AM sure rolled around quickly on Tuesday! :)

Justin had a church meeting on Tuesday night, and I spent the evening getting our house ready to have all of the carpets cleaned on Wednesday morning. It also gave me some time to re-organize the toy room. :) The kids thought it was funny to be sitting on the couch in the kitchen to watch TV.

I was thankful that our church was having a Taco Supper on Wednesday night since our carpets were still a little damp and the furniture was all still in the kitchen. After we ate, the girls and I stayed to help with the GEMS bake sale.

Hanging out with Brody at the taco supper ...

On Thursday Jordyn and Jax had their wellness checks, and then I had a 31 party to do that night, which was so much fun!

Both wellness checks went well. Jax is still trying to get his right ear to clear up from when he had bronchitis. It's not bothering him, but it is still infected. We meet with his ENT in a week and a half. Jax has a tube in his left ear, but the tube in his right ear was pulled out since it wasn't in place anymore. I sure hope we can get the right ear healthy and not need a third set of tubes. 

Friday night was busy with re-organizing the basement after the whole carpet-cleaning thing earlier in the week. :)

On Saturday night Justin and I went to a fundraiser at SFC. We went last year too, and it's a lot of fun to go to. Afterwards we went out for a little while with Jade and Megan before heading home.

Oh -- the girls beat me big time in Trouble on Saturday!

On Sunday I had 6 freezer meals to put together for a group of friends. We decided to do a freezer meal exchange. Love it!! We got together on Monday night to exchange meals, and now I have 6 meals in my freezer! I love that the 6 meals that I made only took me 45 minutes to make and clean up!

Ending with some beautiful sunrises and sunsets ...

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