Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, November 23, 2015

A LOT of snow!

It was supposed to snow 2-4 inches last Friday. My good friend's husband is a meteorologist, and I kept asking him, and he kept saying 2-4 inches. Eventually he bumped it up to about 7 inches ... ha!

Jordyn was pretty excited to see snow as I was leaving on Friday morning.

The snow started to fall ... and it didn't stop ... until our nice little 2-4 inches was 17 inches.

And only in SD can you get 17 inches of snow and not dismiss from school early ... or have your sidewalks cleaned when school gets out ... or the parking lot. Which leaves teachers, administrators and a few wonderful parents to push car after car and van after van out of a parking lot while trying to get 600 kids out of school in a timely manner.

I never thought pushing cars out of a parking lot would be something I did for an hour during my teaching day! Ha! :) It was great to see our staff come together to help and then to help each other get out of the parking lot when we got the parents out. We made sure to get all of the cars out first. 
(I'm in the brown coat on the end.)

We bought a new vehicle 3 days prior to the snow, so no more getting stuck with the van!!! I would for sure have been stuck in the parking lot if I had the van. The new Acadia plowed right through! I'm not going to lie though ... driving a brand new vehicle in 17 inches of snow isn't exactly something I was feeling good about!

It may not look like I had done much, but this was after 10 minutes of brushing snow. I felt like I had made about zero progress.

The kids could not wait to get home to play in the snow! We had so much fun! I even let the kids bury me. The kids loved just falling into the fresh snow - they would just sink. It was so funny! 

This was on one part of driveway - not the deepest part - the snow was over my snow boots, and I didn't have my snow pants on yet so I didn't want to go deeper!

The minute Jax got in the house, he opened the sliding door to eat snow ... I was just praying that 17 inches didn't fall into the house!

I did manage to sweep a little path for Gizmo!

Where's Jax?!

Our neighbors came and played with us too!

The kids' school said it best ... "Well ... at the least the kids are loving it!"

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