Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What have we been up to?

As usual, we continue to stay busy...yet at the same time things have slowed down a bit since our summer traveling and summer activities have ended. It's been a while since I have just updated about our lives in general. So here's a rundown ...

*Justin has been staying busy with work. In August he traveled to Seattle/San Francisco for 5 days. In September he was in the Black Hills for 5 days. He's also staying busy with meetings at church. There are some weeks that between his schedule and my schedule, we are only both home for 1-2 evenings a week.

*I started my 10th year of teaching (8th year at JHE). This is my 7th year of teaching 3rd graders. They keep me on my toes! I am also staying busy as a co-club coordinator with Megan for GEMS at church. Last year I was a counselor for third grade, but I took on a different role this year. I am so glad that Megan has done this before, because she really knows what she is doing!

*Jordyn LOVES 1st grade! Her teacher moved to SF right before school started and lives just a couple of blocks from us. Her husband and Justin used to play high school sports against each other, and we also discovered that we went to the same college. We couldn't figure out why each other looked so familiar - we had to have had classes together at UNI! Jordyn is learning so much. She is an amazing reader, and her math skills surprise us everyday. Today she was dividing large numbers for us while we were eating supper. She shocked both Justin and myself!

*Jayla LOVES kindergarten! She has adjusted so well to a new school with many new friends! We love Jayla's stories of how she helped a friend who fell or how she helped another student get to the office because they needed to leave early. She is working so hard on her school work. She loves to write. There are many days she will sit at the island and write everything she can think of. She wants to read so badly, and she practices often! Jayla is very independent. We laugh each day, because she wants Justin to go through the drop-off line everyday at school, but Jordyn wants Justin to park, walk them to cross-walk, and then leave. One day Jayla even asked if Justin could drop her off in the drop-off line, then park and take Jordyn to the crosswalk. One time I picked them up at after school care (right on time), and Jordyn's first comment was, "You're late! Where were you?" Jayla's first comment was, "MOM! You're early. I didn't even get to go outside!" They can sure make us laugh!

*Jax started another year of preschool. I'd like to say it's going great, but let's be honest ... it's not. If preschool only involved playing sports, playing with friends and building things, life would be good!! Jax has about zero interest in most "school-type" activities (calendar, writing, counting...). Jax can count, recognize some letters, write his name (if he's focusing), tell you his whole address, sing many songs, but in his mind, life is about sports and building things. Obviously those things are both great, but with a mom who is a teacher, my mind is thinking about academic things as well. He likes to cause problems during calendar time ... And while I shouldn't laugh at an incident from a few weeks ago, I kind of had to (since the teachers did too). His teacher walked out of the room for a second (and our preschool is not huge, so she couldn't have been more than 5 feet away), but Jax and two other boys decided to close the door AND put the door stop in the door ... leading them to lock the teacher out. There's a big picture window so the teacher could see the kids, but she couldn't get the boys to move the door stop and open the door. Eventually the door stop was moved ... and the boys needed to take a break. (Side note -- I typed this up last week, and Jaxon's last 3 days of preschool have gone much better. :))

*Gizmo is almost 9 years old! He is slowing down some days, yet this dog has lots of energy other days. He is always by my side. He is so great with our kids - they love him, and he puts up with them being crazy. :)

I still can't believe that we have a 6 year old (almost 7), 5 year old and 4 year old. Time is going so fast!!

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