Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, October 26, 2015

Staying busy!

I have so many updates to do ... life has just been so busy! The last two weeks and weekends were both very full! Until I have everything uploaded, here's a few random pictures from the last two weeks! :)

We had theme night at GEMS ... we had to dress as librarians. :)

My mom and dad brought us a 5-gallon bucket of apples! The girls helped me freeze them - they loved the job of using the apple peeler/corer. (and I think they ate half of every apple we peeled and cored)

Jax is done using the nebulizer, but here is one last picture of him using it ...

Gizmo got groomed - he looks so handsome. He has a birthday coming up! (and so does this sweet girl and her daddy)

Last Friday night we took the kids to the Minions movie at the cheap theater with Megan and the boys. All 5 kids were awesome during the movie! Now they can't stop saying "Banana" or "King Bob" whenever they see each other. Ha!

The three boys "playing" hunting games after the movie ...

I mentioned in a previous post that last Saturday I ran Jax to acute care for his ear infection. The three kids were all well behaved as we waited. :)

Snuggles with Gizmo!

Last Saturday Megan and I went to the Women's Expo. We were pretty excited about our free selfie sticks!

Trying out the selfie sticks!

Handsome little Gizmo!

Jax was suppose to have school pictures last week, but they ended up being postponed because the photographer had a family emergency. If you remember from last year, his picture included a black eye and a very fake smile. This year he told us he has 21 different smiles to pick from. We told him he could not use this one ...

Sweet boy!

Reading Pinkalicious (Pink Delicious as he calls it) ...

Finally, we had "spa night' at our house last week ...

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