Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, October 16, 2015

One last weekend at the lake!

The fall weather has been just perfect here. 

We have had the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets every single day. 

On Saturday morning we headed to the lake for one last weekend. We thought our lake weekends were over, but when we saw the forecast of 80+ degrees, we thought it might be fun to go one more time!

On Saturday, Justin's grandparents and his uncle also came.

Jax wasn't feeling the best. He had started a pretty bad cough through the night and ran a low fever off and on. However, with the amount of energy he had, you would not have known he wasn't feeling great!

We went out to eat on Saturday night, and we had this view on our way back to the house ...

... as well as the view of over 20 deer in the field near us!

The sunrise was beautiful ...

... but our morning started off rough with Jaxon's tummy getting upset due to his cough and drainage. He threw up at about 6:45, but by 7:05, he was ready to play. He still had a low fever off and on throughout the day, but he acted fine. We did let him go on the jet ski for a little while, and we spent a couple of hours on the boat.

We headed home after supper, and had a beautiful sunset the whole way home!

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