Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bronchitis :(

The last week has been a rough one for Jax. I mentioned in a previous post that he wasn't feeling great last weekend. We got home from the lake on Sunday night, and he got worse. We spent almost all of Sunday night awake with Jax. He could not stop coughing and had so much drainage that he threw up 6 times. Justin took him to the doctor on Monday morning, and they diagnosed him with bronchitis.

After at least two years of not using our nebulizer, it has made a return to our living room. He's currently using it 3-4 times a day. Our nights are still bad (they are getting better, but still a struggle) and some nights we have had to do a neb treatment through the night. We have made it 3 nights in a row with no puking, so that's moving in the right direction! (He never threw up during the days - it was just during his bad coughing fits at night.)

He had a fever off and on from Saturday-Tuesday. Unfortunately, his body temperature dropped after having a fever. He was ice cold but still sweating. His temp was right at 96 degrees, so I was able to wrap him in blankets and put them around part of his head to help heat him back up. Shortly after the temp dropped, he had another coughing fit and that brought the temp right back to normal. I was pretty bummed that it dropped though - I was so hoping that we were beyond that.

On Thursday his left ear (which has a tube) started draining. I wasn't a bit surprised knowing how stuffed up he had been. By Friday night at bedtime he started complaining about this right ear (which no longer has a tube). Friday night was another horrible night, so I took him to acute care on Saturday morning. Since we can't put drops in his right ear, I knew we needed a prescription. After looking at and talking about his health history, the doctor asked me to tell her what medication I wanted prescribed. Ha! 

We have been very fortunate that he has been so healthy the last 18 months. This was even his first ear infection in a year. His seasonal allergies bug him often, but his allergy medicine helps with that. 

Our preschool really didn't have much go around it last year (which was awesome!), but within the last two weeks, there was a case of Influenza A, two cases of strep throat and one case of impetigo. We might be in for a long winter!

Jax has been great about his nebs and continues to have an amazing amount of energy. I wish he would share it with me!

Tonight we finally have him sleeping in his bed. We have been on the couch with him to keep him propped up at night to help with the coughing. We had tried propping him with pillows in his bed, but it just didn't work ... so we spent many nights on the couch.

Here's to hoping for a healthier week!

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