Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day Weekend - Sunday

On Sunday morning we paddle boarded again. More wind = another great workout! I am so glad we bought the paddle boards!!

Then we swam off the dock for a little while.

Jordyn and I had fun jumping in! (sorry - no pictures!)

Jax didn't swim. He doesn't seem to love swimming in the lake. He loved it at first, but now over the last few weeks, he hasn't wanted to swim in the lake. Oh well! He's happy and content to just sit and play while we swim. :)

We went to Arnold's Park for a bit before lunch, but we got caught in the rain again. :) Fortunately, it was after the kids were done jumping on the trampoline! We ran to Godfather's since Justin's parents were waiting there with pizza for everyone!

It rained for bit that afternoon, so everyone rested for a while. After and hour of resting, Jax and I sat on the dock and counted boats. Then the girls joined us. :)

The kids played Bocce Ball with Grandpa and Grandma (and no one was injured - ha!).

We took the boat to Barefoot for dinner, and then back to Arnold's Park for more rides since we had been rained out earlier.

The kids went on the log ride with Grandpa and Grandma!

After ice cream, we headed home on the boat ... and we got to see the most beautiful sunset!

I just love this!

And of course I love this guy too!

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