Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday

We stayed very busy while we were at the lake! We knew it was one of the last weekends we would be there this year, so we crammed as much in as we could. :)

Justin and I paddle boarded on Saturday morning. It was quite a workout with the wind!

Then Jax and Justin went on the jet ski. Jax was a great helper getting the jet ski ready!

We played at a park for a little while before lunch. Jax never stopped moving while we were there!

Darin, Kathryn and the boys came around lunch time. After eating we headed out to anchor the boat.

After boating, we went back to the park we had been at earlier, but this time we let the kids play at the spray park. They love the one we have in SF, and they had a great time at this one too!

After the spray park, it was time for dinner ... and then we watched the UNI/ISU game. UNI wasn't looking so great in that game. Hopefully they look better for the next game!

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