Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend - Friday

As soon as the girls were done with school on Friday, we headed to the lake! One last summer weekend at the lake - I'm so sad. I love everything about being at a lake. 

It rained a little bit after we got there, and then we got to see a rainbow while we were eating. :)

After the rain was done (or at least we thought it was done), we took a boat ride to Barefoot for ice cream.

The sunset was beautiful on the way there!

We had our ice cream, and like I said, we thought the rain was done ... until we got stuck in a big downpour! The kids and Justin hid out in the playground. :)

Justin's parents and I stood under an umbrella. We all stayed dry. :)

More of the sunset on the way home!

Love this silly boy ...

... this guy too!

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