Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Car accident

My parents came over for a little while last Saturday afternoon. It was beautiful outside so we just sat outside while the kids played. About an hour after they left, my mom called me quite upset. They had just been in a car accident, not too fast from house (about a mile away on the main road we live off of). Someone had turned right in front of my parents, and the only thing my dad could do was hit them. Other than some major bruising on my mom and some soreness, they were not injured, and we are so thankful for that. The other couple was not either - they were actually on their way to their daughter's wedding reception when it happened. They were a nice couple, and they called to check on my parents the next day.

I met my parents at the accident, and then we followed the tow truck to a parking lot so that we could empty their vehicle, which didn't do so well in the accident. My dad had mentioned going to the car lot (near the accident) to look at trading it in just a few minutes before the accident happened.  We joked that they had just spent $10 to wash the vehicle that day. Ha! :)

I brought my parents to my house, we had supper, and then we met my brother half way between our house and theirs so they could go home. We are so thankful that there were not any major injuries.

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