Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Birthday Weekend!

We were so excited for the weekend to arrive! Jaxon turned 4! My sisters, Eric, Josh and Calvin got to our house late Friday night to stay for the weekend! Even though we were all tired by the time they arrived, we (the adults) stayed up until about 1:00 talking. :)

My kids couldn't wait to see Calvin in the morning. In fact, Jax and Jordyn were both up at 5 AM waiting to see him. They both fell back asleep for a little while (like all of 10 minutes). Thank goodness they will watch their ipads and let Justin and myself continue to rest!

Finally ... after all the waiting, Calvin was up! :) Jax and Calvin watched a movie together.

Our day was so busy! We left to take family picture at about 9:00. We have had the worst weather every for pictures. However, we finally had perfect weather this time! I can't wait to see the pictures. I told Kandi I would give her until Tuesday to have them edited and ready for us. :)

The kids rested for a little while in the afternoon, but most of our time was spent playing with toys, playing outside, and cheering on Justin and Eric in their dance to Let It Go with the xbox.

These two dressed themselves in Jaxon's football gear ... and served us some food.

The girls made up cheer routines ...

The boys played football ...

They love their uncles!

They helped water my flowers ...

And they "fixed" the playhouse!

This kiddo was pretty excited about his birthday and his super hero party!

My mom, Devin, Logan and Ryleigh came up early on Saturday. The six kids played so well together.

Eric talked my mom into playing bags ...

Ryleigh was so cute trimming the yard!

We had 24 people at the birthday party ... more pictures to come soon!!

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