Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Night Out ... and a TV interview!

On Saturday night, our kids stayed overnight at my parent's house. They were super excited to stay at the farm with my parents! My friend and 3rd grade teammate, Pam, turned 50 so we went to a party for her! 

Then Justin and I headed to Chevy's ... and we laughed pretty hard when we saw that Justin was on TV while we were there.

Justin was interviewed about a month ago for a "Where are they now?" segment on a local news station. He was on a local news football magazine when we were in high school, so they did a follow up of 10 guys from the last 15 years. Justin did a great job with the interview, and our kids loved seeing their pictures on TV, as well as watching Daddy! We had seen the interview 3 times, so we weren't expecting it to be on again, but they showed it after the Vikings game on Saturday night. We just laughed that it was while we were out to eat! 

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