Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, August 2, 2015

While Mom and Dad were away ...

I think it's safe to say that while we were in Banff, our kids had a lot of fun!

They started at the farm on Saturday and stayed there until Monday morning. I think their favorite things were the water balloon fights with Logan and Ryleigh and swimming. Jordyn and Jax loved going down the big water slide. Jordyn also went off the board a number of times. Uncle BJ would catch her, and then Grandpa Buzz would push her to side of the pool.

Kiki came to play too!

I don't think Grandpa got much rest with this crew! :)

The kids headed to Justins' parent's on Monday morning and stayed there until Thursday morning!

They went for golf cart rides ...

Played softball (the tiger in this picture cracks me up) -- Grandma Helen joined them in softball ...

Played outside/swam ...

Jordyn ended up getting a fever for about 24 hours while we were gone. Of course - our kids haven't been sick in a year (other than Jax having two random fevers throughout the school year), and then Jordyn gets sick while we were gone. We felt bad. She still ate well, she just didn't have a lot of energy. So glad it wasn't the stomach flu or something worse ... and we know Grandpa and Grandma took great care of her. 

On Thursday morning, the kids went to daycare, and then Megan and the boys picked them up. They played at their house until we got home around 7:00. Like I mentioned, the kids (Jayla and Jax) weren't super excited to come home. They wanted to stay and play!

We are so thankful for all of the help with our kids!

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