Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sunday at the lake!

On Sunday morning the kids did the ski trainer, we tubed (mom and the 3 kids!), took jet ski rides, ate lunch at Barefoot, and then we all crashed at nap time.

Tubing was going really well until we hit a HUGE wave. It was that awful moment when you're trying to quickly decide which of the three kids you can save from flying off the tube. Jayla flew up pretty high so I was holding her down, and as I did that, Jaxon's head hit my arm and within a few minutes everyone was screaming.  If there were any witnesses on other boats, I'm guessing they may have had a good laugh.

The girls rode the jet ski together!

We took the boat to Barefoot for lunch ... Jayla and Jax decided to sit at the bar. Ha!

This gave us a good laugh. :)

After naps, we headed out on the boat again. We anchored it and swam for a while, ate dinner at Dry Dock, and then got off the boat at 7:30!

Cartwheels off the Maui Mat!

We packed up and headed home! It is safe to say that after our trip to Banff and two very full days at the lake, I spent the next three days with absolutely no energy. I was starting to get worried that something was wrong - I literally could not get off the couch on Tuesday morning. Justin reminded me that we had run non-stop for a week, and I was crashing. :)

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