Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sky Zone, the Pavilion and Dodge Ball!

Tuesday was the last day of summer for the girls (I had to wipe away a few tears - from me, not the girls), and we filled it with fun--Sky Zone, Washington Pavilion and Dodge ball! 

We spent part of the morning at Sky Zone with my friend Kelly, and her three kids. Many of my pictures are fuzzy (because my phone takes terrible pictures), but we had so much fun!

The whole crew! 

After Sky Zone and lunch, we were off to the Pavilion with Megan and the boys!

My favorite picture - the kids getting ready for the shadow machine!

Team work!

 They did it! (I wish Jordyn wasn't hidden in this picture!)

Then after supper, it was time to cheer Justin on in a Dodge ball tournament!

We didn't stay for the whole dodge ball tournament, because the girls had their first day of school the next day, so we needed to be in bed on time. We had fun watching while we were there, and Justin's team (his work buddies) lost in the championship.

I think it's safe to say our last day of summer was a great one!

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