Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturday at the lake!

We got home from Banff on Thursday evening, and then we headed to the lake early Saturday morning.  We had awesome weather, and we crammed about as much as we could into Saturday and Sunday. That seems to be the theme for our summer -- do as much as we possibly can! :)

We spent most of Saturday on the boat. We anchored the boat to swim, had a picnic lunch on the boat, and then we were all worn out!

(Jax was with us - I guess I didn't take any pictures of him on the Maui Mat.)

All done swimming - time for dancing to Uptown Funk!

They love Arnold's Park!

After naps and supper, we headed down to Arnold's Park. The kids enjoyed seeing some old cars! 

They went on a few rides and played at the park. Then we listened to some music. :)

Froggie has shoes!

Then we were going to watch fireworks off the dock ... but ... they were actually the night before Ha! It was fun to have a late night snack on the dock. :)

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