Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 17, 2015

Omaha Zoo!

We decided at 7:30 on Saturday morning that we were going to go to the Omaha Zoo, and by 8:00 we were on the road! Talk about last minute planning! The drive is just a little under 3 hours.

We enjoyed our trip to the zoo. We hadn't been there since Jordyn was 1 and Jayla was a couple of months old. We knew it was going to be a hot day -- and it sure was. The kids liked the zoo (and we are thankful that many of the animals can be viewed inside), but I think they would have enjoyed it more on a cooler day. We did skip many of the outdoor things.

We went through the desert, the gorillas/organgutan, the bear canyon, the cat complex, the aquarium and the jungle.

This might have been their favorite part - the sprinklers to cool off! Ha!

I think the three kids will tell you that the aquarium was their favorite. 
(and it was very air conditioned)

The kids loved the penguins - they were so playful!

Jax loved the sharks and the sting rays!

The kids thought the jungle was smelly. Ha!

After the zoo, we went to the outlet mall for a little while. They have a playground there, and we promised the kids they could play for a few minutes if they were good shoppers. Ha! They were definitely tired, but they hung in there. Unfortunately for the 10 seconds that I turned away from Jax (I had been watching him the whole time except for these 10 seconds), he somehow fell and came running/crying to me with a bloody lip. We were pretty close to our van, so we headed there to clean him up since I had ice and water in the cooler. He cried harder that we had to leave the park - not because he had a fat, bloody lip. It didn't bleed too long, and all of the kids fell asleep pretty quickly on our way home.

This was our view for a while on the way home - beautiful!

We had another fun day!
(and - Jax did not get car sick!!)

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