Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, August 7, 2015

MN Vacation Day 2

After breakfast on Tuesday morning, we all loaded up to head to a farm/petting zoo!

These two were so sweet watching a movie together as we were getting things ready. (This was after they managed to wake everyone up ... and Jax snuck down to the beach several times ... and threw a big fit, but he can sit still for a little while!)

This petting zoo/farm was so much fun! 

The kids all got to feed the baby goats with bottles ...

Kittens! (Jayla was allowed to hold them since Daddy wasn't along!)

Jax and Logan petting a fawn ...

The llama!

Bunnies! (Jayla held every animal she could get her hands on!)

The parakeet building was crazy. We bought treats to give all of the animals, and the treats for the birds were popsicle sticks covered in bird seed. The birds would land on you or the stick and eat away!

The kids rode miniature horses ...

We went down this 150 feet long slide MANY times! Jayla liked riding with Grandpa - and they were trying to find the fastest way to get down!

I don't have any pictures of it, but my siblings and I raced down the slide (there is a video on facebook though of it), and I am still super bitter about the race. My brother cheated. He held me back about halfway down the slide. None of us made it to the bottom, so it became a foot race to get to the bottom - it was good for a laugh - and everyone around thought the slide might collapse with us running!

This baby goat was adorable. It's mom abandoned it, so the workers feed it a bottle every 45 minutes. It's allowed to walk around the farm. Jayla LOVED chasing it down and holding it.

She handed the goat off to Jordyn too ...

We went on a tractor/trailer ride ...

Jax loved this old tractor!

And this scooter ...

There was also a building full of bouncy houses that the kids played in for about 30 minutes after our picnic lunch. After we left the farm, we all stopped for ice cream, and then we were ready to swim!

These wimps :) didn't want to get wet ...

Love my sisters!

More fishing! The kids each caught 20-30 fish - they loved it!

This snapper got my dad's foot on Monday! He had his feet hanging off the dock - thankfully it didn't totally get his toe/side of his foot. He did have a mark and said it hurt.

 So on Tuesday, the snapper was back! Josh was determined to catch it -- with his hands -- and he did!

Not just once, but twice!

The kids all went for a boat ride in Grandpa's "fast fishing boat" (ask Jax calls it) ...

It was another very full and fun day. The kids played on the beach until about 8:30 again, and even though they had spent hours on that beach, they were still not ready to be done at bath time!

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