Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, August 6, 2015

MN Vacation Day 1

The kids and I are just getting home from a short vacation in MN. We planned this a little last minute with my family. Unfortunately, due to some work and church obligations, Justin was unable to go with us. We were bummed about that, but I am so glad I took the kids!

My whole family was there. We went to a resort that I have gone to since I was kid. I have so many great memories from this place. The owners have been working to sell the resort for a number of years, so they have gone from 8 cabins down to 4 since they have sold some of the property/cabins separately. 

We hadn't been there since the girls were little - I think in 2011 when I was pregnant with Jax, so the girls did not remember this place.

We left early on Monday morning, and the kids were awesome in the car for the three hour drive.

Unfortunately Jax got car sick and threw up, but he knew it was going to happen, so he threw up in the garbage can and there was no mess at all. Whew! We were also near a gas station so we were able to stop and get rid of it! This happened with about 45 minutes left in our ride. He was pretty pale for the rest of the ride and for about the first 20 minutes after we arrived. Then he was fine and starving! :)

Within minutes of arriving, my kids joined everyone else (they had gotten there on Saturday/Sunday) on the dock to fish!

And we swam!

Jordyn swam to the floating dock all by herself (BJ was out there so she swam to him).

The kids used my floatie as a fishing boat. Ha!

Grandpa got a ride from Logan and Ryleigh ...

So did Jax!

Calvin and Jax loved watching Kiki and Josh come in on the paddle boat!

More fishing!

Our first day was great! We arrived at 10:00, and we spent the whole day on the beach, in the water, and fishing on the dock. We did manage to get all 6 kids to nap at the same time for a little while in the afternoon. Then it was back down to the beach. We had to carry the kids off the beach at about 8:30 to get them into the bath. They were having so much fun -- and were completely filthy. Ha!

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