Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 17, 2015

Loving summer!

I still cannot believe that summer is almost over. The girls are down to just a couple of days. I still have two weeks.

These are a few more pictures from the last week while Justin was gone.

Enjoying Grandpa's sweet corn!

Snuggles with Gizmo!

More swimming!

Jax was playing on the sidewalk with a truck (pushing it) and somersaulted over it. It looked terrible, and it probably could have been worse. He only cried for a few seconds, but he was so sad. He hurt both elbows, scraped his chest, scraped his chin, and scraped/bruised his head. He wanted Daddy to see all of his owies, so we sent him this picture ...

Jayla being silly!

I am going to miss summer days watching the kids swim!

Hanging out at the mall! Jax thinks Uncle BJ needs a new, green four wheeler. :)

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