Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, August 31, 2015

Park and Outdoor Campus!

I mentioned in a a post a few days ago that Jax and I had a lot of time with just the two of us. Last week we went to the park and Outdoor Campus with Megan and Brody. The two boys ran non-stop! I didn't take any pictures at the park, but I did at Outdoor Campus.

Jax was pretty excited to run into his best friend from daycare/preschool. Jax and Jackson hadn't seen each other all summer. Jax, Brody, Jackson and Jackson's brother all played so nice together!

Then we had to pick up the big kids at school, so Jax and Brody had a little more time to play together!

This kid was wiped out after all of the fun! 

Zoo trip with the cousins!

We got home from the lake right before lunch last Sunday, and as we were walking in the door, BJ and Devin wanted to know if we wanted to meet them at the zoo. We unpacked, ate lunch, and headed to the zoo. The 5 kids had so much fun together!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weekend at the lake!

We went to the lake last weekend. We left after school, and made it in time to go out for dinner with Justin's parents and to Arnold's Park for a few rides.

We even let the kids ride the train without us. :)

We went through the Tipsy House. It had probably been 6 years since I had done that. I could easily go another 6 years without going through it. 

Saturday was super windy and cloudy. Justin and I went for a nice run with lots of hills and lots of wind. I thought I might die.

We had lunch at the Gardens and did a little shopping.

Jayla loves to try on hats!

While we were at lunch, Jordyn dropped her new putty ball on the floor and it rolled under a little glass wall/fence into the lake! The water moved it just the perfect direction, and Justin was able to grab it and save the day. Ha!

We sat on the dock for a bit, but it just wasn't ideal boating weather.

We were suppose to be in the line of some pretty big storms, but they missed us! :)

After dinner, the adults played dominoes.

Talk about a HUGE disappointment when I lost by 4 whole points to Justin's dad. I would have won, but Justin messed up my last move, and I lost.

After dominoes, we noticed the wind had completely died down and it was super calm outside, so we took a late boat ride to Barefoot for ice cream! It was so much fun!

The kids had never been on the boat in the dark, and they loved it!

It was cold on Sunday morning (which we knew it was suppose to be), so after breakfast we packed up and headed home. We were bummed that we couldn't do much for water activities, but we still had a great time!

OH -- One last thing!!!
We bought two of these on Saturday ...

We have been looking at buying paddle boards for 3 years now, and we finally did it!! We bought the inflatable ones (very similar to the ones we used in Canada), so we are able to transport them from our house to the lake easily. They weigh about 40 pounds and fit nicely into a backpack.

I am pretty excited about this purchase!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Making a library!

Megan and I are club coordinators for GEMS this year. Last Thursday, the two of us along, with Allison, Kristi and Madison, spent the evening making decorations for Theme Night. It was a bigger project than we thought, but our "library" turned out great!!