Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer fun - last week!

Wouldn't you know it -- I'm behind again! :) These pictures are all from last week. The kids had another fun week of outdoor activities! We went to the spray park twice and the zoo once! We also swam in our back yard a number of times!

Jax got some water in his ear, so he decided to rest. Have you ever seen this kid rest near a pool/spray park? I hadn't!
Jaxon, Buddy and Gizmo took a nap together - I love that Jaxon gets to snuggle with his stuffed puppy and his real puppy! Gizmo is sure good to our kids!
Jax played American Girl dolls with his sisters. I love this - he told them how to dress Jordyn's doll, and then he decided to match her (goggles and life jacket). The purple tinker toys are the lake he made. :)
Jax insists on having his picture on this rock every time we go to the zoo -- really, it's just his way of getting to climb the rock.

We also played spa and the girls got pedicures. Jax just likes to soak his feet in the bubbles. :)

Summer continues to go The girls are already registered for school.
Slow down summer!

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