Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, July 16, 2015


We have actually been home for a week and a half straight with no traveling! I think that's the first time this whole summer that we have been home that many days in a row!

So - to say busy, we have been to the Washington Pavilion, the pool, the spray park, the park, Cherry Berry, the ski show, the zoo, and have spent MANY hours swimming in our back yard. Of course I have pictures of all of it, so I will start to get those put up (now that I am caught up on the 4th of July)!

Until then ... here's a picture of pina coladas in hand (pretending this was the beach in Mexico). Ha! :)

But since it's not Mexico, we really love that we can relax in the back yard and let the kids swim away for hours! :)

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