Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Black Hills Day 4

Day 4 = the long drive home. We had planned to play at the park for a while before leaving for home, but the mosquitoes were terrible, so that only lasted for a few minutes.

Justin had a short meeting to go to, and then we were on our way home! The kids did a great job on the ride home - we stopped just twice very quickly, and we were home in just over 5 hours!

Licorice for teeth! Silly girl!

Our kids (as well as Justin and myself) love our trips to the hills. Yes, our kids can be naughty at times, and they like to fight, and they maybe didn't sleep great, but we sure made some great memories - even if those memories involve running out of gas! :)

See you next year, Hart Ranch!

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