Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Black Hills Day 2

On Saturday we started our day by heading to the Rushmore Cave. Justin and I had both been there before. I had actually been there twice - once when I was little with my grandparents and once with Justin's family after we had graduated high school.

I'm not going to lie, it may have not been our best decision to take three kids to a cave, but we can now say we did, and maybe we deserve a reward for not leaving one of them (or all of them?) in the cave. :) Totally Kidding!!! The girls were fighting over who would go first (and many of the walkways/stairs were very dangerous) and Jax thought it was his job to try to run and/or jump in the cave. It wasn't exactly a stress-free tour for us, but we survived!

I asked Jax to give me two thumbs up - he decided two thumbs down, which was probably a better explanation of how we were all feeling at this point!

After the cave, we walked around Keystone for a bit and of course stopped at the taffy store. :) Then we headed to Rapid City for lunch, and then back to the campground for naps!

After nap time, it was back to the pool for a couple of hours!

After swimming, we changed quickly and played some tennis!

After dinner, we went to a concert near the campground for a short time. As odd as it may seem, Jax loved this concert and continues to talk about it. He would be last of our three kids that we would have thought enjoyed the concert!

We played at the park for just a bit after the concert. The bugs were coming out though (and they LOVE to bite Jayla-even with lots of bug spray on), so we didn't stay too long.

Another jam-packed day and a very tired family!

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