Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, July 31, 2015

Banff - Day 3

We had another early start to our day! (Who sleeps in on vacation??!!) Justin was golfing, so I had breakfast with him before he left. He golfed all morning and part of the afternoon. While he golfed, I worked out, went to the pool, and then went on an hour-long river float.

Again, the views were unbelievable.

Justin said the golf course was amazing!

He had a really amazing shot from this bunker!

The Bow River ran along side the golf course, which is also the river that I did the hour-long float on.

A view of the castle from the golf course ...

These were my views while he was golfing ...

The indoor pool ...

... and the outdoor pool, which was very warm - I loved it!!

Floating down the river ...

After golf and the river float, we had some extra time, so we walked to the Canoe Club in Banff and rented paddle boards!

We found some elk on our way there (look carefully in the first picture - ha!)

Right behind us in this picture ...

We had never paddle boarded on a river before (we had several times on the lake - and the ocean). This was a river you did not want to fall in -- the water was about 40 degrees! Most of the river is only about 2 feet deep, and the water is so clear.

The best part - Justin didn't fall off!!! Ha! :)

After our 25 minute walk back (because the Canoe Club was across town), we were exhausted. In less than 24 hours, we had hiked, golfed, worked out, walked to Banff twice, and paddle boarded (which is a fun work out). I laid down in bed, and I struggled to get out to get ready for dinner. Everything hurt - I literally rolled off the bed to try to get out. Thank goodness for a hot shower to help with some soreness!

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