Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July Weekend - Saturday

Kandi, Eric and I got up nice and early to run the 5K on Saturday morning. I actually didn't decide to run it until 5:45 that morning. I'm so glad Kandi and Eric encouraged me to do it. I had just run 3 miles a few days earlier, but it had been 2 years since I actually ran a 5K race.

We finished! Kandi even got 2nd place in her age group!

After the 5K, we hurried home to shower and get everyone ready to go the kid fishing tournament.

Happy 4th of July!!

Ready to fish!

Jaxon's first fish!

Jayla's first fish!

Another fish!

Jordyn's first fish!

Jaxon caught 4 fish and the girls each caught 3 fish!

After fishing, we were off to the parade!

Then we swam at BJ's pool!

We had a great time with my family! We ate supper with my whole family before we headed back to the lake for fireworks.

These two cuties like to tell everyone that Auntie Jess is their favorite aunt. :) (Sorry Kiki and Kandi!)

We got to Arnold's Park with a little time for the kids to go on a few rides before fireworks.

Megan and I had to make sure we got a picture in our matching 4th of July tanks. :)

The fireworks were nice! The traffic afterwards was not, but we eventually made it back to the house!

Love this picture!

It is safe to say we were all exhausted after this great day!

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