Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Rehearsal!

We headed to the lake on Thursday evening to get ready for the wedding weekend! We spent a little time with my sisters and my mom on Thursday night when we got there -- Jayla ended up having a sleepover with them and Calvin. :)

The weather was gorgeous on Friday. Justin and I went for a long jet ski ride early Friday morning. Then girls and I helped decorate for the reception. Justin joined in with us as well after picking up his tux. After decorating we had a short amount of time for a boat ride, and then it was off to rehearsal!

After rehearsal, we had a great meal, and then played yard games. Poor Jayla though ... the mosquitoes just love her, and even though she was sprayed with bug spray at least 4 times, she ended up with 10 bites - and 6 of those were on her face. :( She got one right on the tip of her nose, and her nose ended up swelling up pretty bad. The swelling did go down after we gave her some benadryl, but then it puffed back up a bit the next day. We were able to put on a little makeup to cover up the bites. :)

Up next -- Josh and Kayla's wedding day!

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