Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Our kids had Bible School last Sunday-Thursday. It made for a busy week! Our church does Bible School in the evenings, so we always ate an early dinner and then left home by about 5:30. The girls also had two softball games in there, so we left Bible School early one night and went late another night so that they could still play in their games.

I helped with Jaxon's group this year. This was his first year of VBS. We had four kids in our group (they try to keep each group fairly small - which is there are always 30+ groups of kids). We had two boys and two girls in our group.

Ready for night #1 ...

Jax and Cannon became good buds. :)

The kids had a great week at VBS! :)

The kids ended the week with their program on Thursday night. 

Jax made it through one song before he was playing with a speaker, so I just had him sit with me. Maybe when he's 4 he'll make it through the program?!!? :)

Jayla is kind of hidden in the middle here - she's in front of the boy in the red shirt.

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