Three Kids

Three Kids

Monday, June 29, 2015

Swimming Lessons!

 Jordyn and Jayla just finished up two weeks of swimming lessons. Other than when they were babies, they hadn't been in lessons. The girls were in the same level, and they learned so much in the two weeks. We are so very proud of the girls - they worked so hard and learned so much! Jordyn was able to pass to the next level. Jayla will do Level 1 again. Jayla was okay with that. She was a bit scared at first (and had tears the first two days - but was so proud of herself that she didn't have any tears after the first two days). Jayla also knows that in order to do Level 1, you have to be at least 5, and she just turned 5. 

Here's Jordyn practicing her float ... Jayla is on the side of the pool in the pink/yellow suit.

Jayla's turn!

Jayla is floating - Jordyn is on the side ...

Jordyn ...

Daddy was able to stop by and watch on the fourth day. Jax was pretty excited! :)

Playing London Bridge is Falling Down ...

Testing day! Jordyn's float ...

Jayla ...

I know this picture is far away, but Jordyn jumped off the diving board on her last day of lessons. :)

 Justin was able to come to their last day as well to watch them test. 

We swam a ton this last weekend, and Justin and I were both so impressed with how well both girls are swimming! 

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