Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saturday - Swimming and Staining the Deck!

Justin left early Saturday morning for a fishing tournament with some coworkers. 

While he was fishing, I did a bunch of yard work and worked on staining the deck for 5 hours. (Don't be jealous - it's not near as fun as it sounds!)

The kids swam for about two and a half hours, and then I also worked while the three of them were napping.

Justin got home just in time to start rolling the floor of the deck. I had finished the spindles while he was gone, and then we did the rest together. I stained in between the boards, and he rolled.

The kids swam for about another two hours while we did this. Good thing they love the pool! :)

We are so glad that project is done!! My body hated me for about the next 24 hours ... I could hardly move on Sunday morning, and then I decided to go for a run that was a little more than 2.5 miles ... not sure that my best decision ever! :)

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