Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Loving summer!

Our summer has been off to a busy a start, but we are loving it! The first two weeks flew by!

The kids decided to make their own "trampoline" in their house to resemble the trampoline at Arnold's Park. I love their creativity!

My sweet little lunch dates!

Megan and I always have a rummage sale at the beginning of summer. The kids had so much fun playing together during those days. Jade and Megan are adding another garage onto their house and some of the work for it was done during our rummage. The kids had a blast watching the workers!

This little guy has been playing so hard each day - and crashes quite hard at nap time!

Snuggled in to watch a movie ...

Having fun with play-doh ...

These two fell asleep on the couch together ... Gizmo sure is good to our kids!

A little bouncy house fun!

We had a church last Sunday night -- and the service was a bit long -- thank goodness the kids all packed their church bags!! I took this picture to send to my friends in O-town! My good friends, Nichole and Janeen, gave these to each of our kids when they were born. Their names are on them, and the kids still love them!! 

Jax really wants to play softball with his sisters! I think we could sneak him as a catcher. Ha! :)

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