Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We didn't slow down too much after VBS ended on Thursday night! We went to the zoo on Friday morning, and Justin headed off to the Legends Golf Tournament. :)

Kent Hrbek was there this year - so I made sure to send along Jaxon's very favorite Twins book to have Kent Hrbeck sign his picture! 

Justin golfs in this tournament every year -- his dad and two of his dads friends golf with them as well. They placed 3rd this year!

Justin got a new driver cover in his gift bag from the tournament -- Jax was pretty excited to get a new cover for his driver, which he calls his "bump club" ...

Late Friday afternoon we headed to my brother's house for dinner and smores! The five kids had so much fun together, and I think Grandpa and Grandma did too!

Thanks for having us over, BJ!

The sunset was beautiful on the way home that night!

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