Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Black Hills Day 1

We took our third trip to the Black Hills with the kids! They were so excited to go!! We stay at a campground that Justin insures. The campground is beautiful, and we love to go there!

We left on Friday at about 11:00.

Everything was going smoothly ... kids were doing great ... we had only stopped once (it's a long car ride!) ... and then, there was that moment when our cruise control shut off on it's own, Justin looked down and realized something awful. We were out of gas. If looks could kill... Here we were in the middle of SD ... out of gas! You can go miles and miles and miles without being near a town. The good news was that we were just a couple of miles from a town. We made several phone calls, and we were able to get a tow truck to bring us enough gas to get into town. We sat on the side of the road (in 90+ temps) for about 45 minutes, so we were thankful when the truck arrived!

What an experience!

Finally we were back on the road. After we got there and unpacked and ate, we headed to the pool! Our kids would have been happy just swimming for our entire trip!

After swimming, we took a little break. Then we headed back outside to play some mini golf!

After mini golf, it was bedtime! It had a been a long day, and we were all tired!

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