Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend - Monday

The weather was a bit cool on Sunday morning, but the kids wanted to go on the jet ski, so we put their sweatshirts on and let them go! They had so much fun!

Later we went on a boat ride, stopped at Bracco's for lunch, and then went to Arnold's Park again!

Jordyn was being silly on the boat ...

We packed up to head home later that afternoon. We were about halfway home, when we could tell we were going run directly into a storm. So, we turned around and drove to my parent's house to wait it out! We ended up having supper with them, BJ, Devin and the kids. It actually worked out quite nicely! :)

We are looking forward to more weekends at the lake - but hopefully with warmer weather! :)

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