Three Kids

Three Kids

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Week!

Last week was another full week!

The girls started softball practice on Monday. Justin is coaching them this year. I love watching the girls play!

On Tuesday I took Jayla and Jax to the ENT. This was another 6 month check up, but we also wanted to continue our talk (from the fall) about having Jaxon do a full allergy test. The poor thing has a runny nose all of the time -- and it's terrible when we are outside. We noticed this last summer and last fall as well, but it has been even worse this spring.

In the fall our ENT mentioned possibly doing the full panel allergy test on Jax. At the appointment he decided he wanted to wait on that. One - because Jax is pretty young and it may be difficult to put him through all of those needles on this back and two - we hadn't used any great medicine to try to treat the allergies. We had used benadryl a few times, but I struggled with that a tad - I didn't want him using that every night. Our doctor decided to put Jax on some prescription allergy medicine that he takes every night and a nasal spray every morning. What a difference it has made in just 9 days! Some days his nose is still pretty runny, but it's nothing like it had been. The other huge thing (and maybe it has nothing to do with the medicine??) is that Jaxon's behavior has changed so much. We had several really challenging weeks with him at home and at preschool. The teachers were working so hard with him at preschool, but he just was not listening, was running away from them ... it was so frustrating ... and we were dealing with the same things at home. He's probably always going to be a kid that has a lot of energy and won't want to sit still, but Justin and I were beside ourselves for a few weeks. He has done so much better for the last 9 days. Of course he still needs reminders about following directions and listening at times, but it's nothing like it had been. (Well - other than Sunday - he was a mess that day, but the other days were fine.) 

The other news from the ENT is that Jayla was able to have her final tube pulled (and she was so brave!), and Jaxon had one tube that was no longer in place so the doctor took that one out. After a total of 8 tubes in our kids' ears (Jordyn - 2, Jayla - 2, and Jaxon - 4), we are now down to just 1 tube in Jaxon's ear! I hope in the next 6-12 months that we will no longer need to make the ENT appointments! 

On Wednesday night we had dinner with Jade, Megan and the boys. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. Megan sent me a text after work to see if we wanted to grill out with them. It was such a fun, relaxing evening!

On Thursday night I took Jayla and Jax with me to buy flowers for our house. They were good little shoppers!

On Friday we played at the park and had the girls practice softball.

A few pictures from the week ...

Jayla helped me make bars for work ... she's been such a great helper! :)

Justin took these two shopping ... aahhh! Gladiators at Toys R Us!

I told the girls they would not wear the same clothes on the same day next year when Jayla starts Kindergarten. They will often ask to dress alike though!

Jaxon thought he better comb Daddy's beard. Ha!

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