Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Shower and Pool Fun

A little more catch-up. :)

Two weekends ago we went to a baby shower for Justin's cousin, Meggan.

I know this picture is a bit fuzzy (again, my phone takes the worst pictures), but isn't she the cutest pregnant person?! :) We can't wait to meet baby Camden!

We spent part of the afternoon at Justin's Aunt Sherri and Uncle Roger's house. Then we went to his Uncle Steve and Aunt Tracy's house. 

The kids even did a little swimming (Brrr!)

Then they took a golf cart ride with Grandpa Marlin and Uncle Steve to go see the new house!

They played with "helicopters" ...

The guys played bags for a while ...

Our three kids and Gunnar helped fill the swimming the pool -- I think more water may have landed outside of the pool than inside of the pool, but they had fun!

This kid had a case of the sillies on the way home. Love him! :)

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