Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


As I mentioned in the previous post, our busy week (last week) didn't quite go as planned.

I woke up on Wednesday morning (or through the middle of the night) with the worst sore throat I have ever had. By 5:30 that morning, I was just miserable, and I put a flashlight in my mouth and saw that my right tonsil had tons of white spots on it.

I have had strep throat only once, and other than that, I have never had any problems with my tonsils. The other piece is that I was completely healthy until I woke up with this awful sore throat.

I went to work. I should not have. We were in the middle of state standardized testing though, and I knew if I worked that morning, we could finish up part of the test. I had a fever and was totally miserable throughout the morning. I left at 11:30 and headed to the doctor. I thought for sure I had strep throat ... would be given an antibiotic, and in a few hours I would be feeling some pain relief.

The strep test came back negative, so it was labeled tonsillitis, and I was sent home with an antibiotic and was told to continue rotating Tylenol and ibuprofen like I was already doing. 

The pain was absolutely awful. I was spitting into a cup and not able to eat or drink. The only time I ate or drink was to take medicine - and it would take me 10 minutes to choke down applesauce or pudding or bread just so that I could take the antibiotic. I would mentally try to prepare myself for the pain I would have each time I swallowed - and sometimes it would literally be ten minutes before I would try to swallow.

The pain never went away - it only got worse. I couldn't talk. I could not open my mouth. My fever throughout the night was 102-103 all night. I called the doctor again the next morning. They wanted to see me again, but they couldn't get me in until 12:30. About an hour before that I text Justin that I was absolutely miserable, and he came home to take me to the doctor ... and it's a good thing he was with me at the doctor, since that didn't quite go as planned either.

The doctor could see that I had an abscess on my tonsil. He wanted blood work done and xrays of my neck. I had the blood work done, and then waited for about 5 minutes to do the xray. The xray tech had me all in place (standing against a panel) and after she took one xray, I could tell I was going to pass out. I was able to get to the floor without being injured ... and that's where I stayed for about the next 20 minutes with the doctor, 3 nurses and the xray tech. According to the doctor, I looked pretty awful. They eventually took me by wheel chair back to the room, and I just laid down. A while later they wanted to finish the xrays and then give me some shots. I made it through both - the shots were absolutely terrible and so painful.

The doctor wanted me to come back the next morning to see how the pain was. He felt that the shots would kick in and provide some relief until I was back at the doctor the next morning. If things weren't looking good on Friday, I would go in for a CT scan, then meet with an ENT, and then possibly go into surgery.

About 5:30 Thursday night, I text Justin (who was not far from me, but I couldn't talk), that the pain was even worse and if there wasn't any relief in the next hour, I needed to go to the ER. He immediately started working on plans for the kids. My parents happened to be in town, and they were able to leave what they were doing to come over for the kids. I am so thankful they weren't far away. We had many different people offer to come stay with our kids once they realized what was going on - so thankful for great family and friends!

We didn't have to wait to get in at the ER (thank goodness), and after a few initial questions, an IV was started, and I was given pain meds. It felt great for all of ten minutes, and then they wore off.

I was taken for a CT scan. After reading the scan, I was told they were either going to drain it or take me back for surgery. Then the doctor came in a short time later to tell me that due to the kind of abscess it was, it could not be drained and it could not be operated on. So, I was given a steroid and more pain meds. I was finally able to rest comfortably for a while before they sent me home.

I forgot how wonderful it was to eat or even just take a sip of water! Spitting into a cup .. or into a sink for nearly two days is awful. I lost 7 pounds in about 30 hours. I know ... I had 7 pounds to lose (along with a few more), but this might be by the far the worst way to do it! :)

Today is one week ago that the pain started. I'm still dealing with some pain, but it is so minimal compared to what it was. I am on an antibiotic for another 7 days. It hurts to swallow at times (it's worse in the morning when I wake up), and my neck still has some swelling and is tender to the touch. However, I will take those minor pains over everything else last week. 

Hanging out in the ER ...

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