Three Kids

Three Kids

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Jayla took a fall on Wednesday at school. She had taken her shoes off, and then tripped over them She landed on her chin on the hard floor.

This is what she looked like at 4:15 ...

6:30 ... (ignore the spaghetti face - ha!)

A day later ...

I checked her teeth, pushed on her jaw bone... all seemed okay. She had a large lump though with the bruise, but she said it only hurt if I touched it. This could have been so much worse (and probably even looks way worse than it is). She has had a lot of ice on it, but she has complained very little about the pain.

You can't see much of the bruise unless she lifts her chin up. There's a little bit of the bruise that seems to spreading more to cheek, but it surprisingly isn't very noticeable when you look right at her.

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