Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Last week ...

It seems to be pretty normal that I start a post and finish it a week later! Time to play catch up ... again! This is from last weekend/last week.

Friday: Jayla had her first sleepover (see the previous post). We took Jordyn and Jax out for supper and to Scheel's for the night ... the kids putted on the putting green, went bowling, played in the play area ... it's amazing how much time you can spend in that store. I think our kids would be happy just riding the escalator there though.

Saturday: Saturday mornings are almost always work out times for Justin and myself. Our fitness center has a daycare, but we don't use it. If we take the kids with us, one of just stays with the kids in the kid gym - which all three love. One of the workers at our fitness center jokes with us when they see either Justin or myself walk in, because they know in about an hour and a half, the other one of us will be there. She calls it the changing of the guard at the Overman house.

We went out with Jade and Megan on Saturday night. It was pretty low key -- we went out for supper, then to a different place for dessert, and then had appetizers while we played shuffle board. Justin might be begging to be on my team next time we play. Jade and I won the first round and Megan and I won the second round.

The kids had a new baby-sitter that night, and they loved her!!! Katie is a teacher at the daycare where our kids use to go (prior to preschool) - but only Jax really knew her, because Jayla and Jordyn were in preschool when she started working there. Jax just loved Miss Katie, and we were so excited to have her baby-sit. She sent these pictures after the kids were in bed ...

Sunday: Palm Sunday! The three kids sang in church. We bribed Jax with gum and donuts, and other than picking his nose (and of course eating it), he did very well! After church we went to Justin's grandparent's house to celebrate Marcia's birthday. It was a fun afternoon. We got home at about 4:30, and Megan called at that same time to say that a friend of hers had an extra ticket to the Chris Tomlin concert. So, I left the house at about 5:00, joined Megan and Kristen for supper, and then went to the concert. It was great!!

Monday: Back to work! The weather was great though, so we played outside after school until bedtime. Our neighbors came over to play. We haven't seen them too much since last fall, so the kids had fun playing with Colin and Dylan -- and we enjoyed our time with Dave and Emily.

Tuesday: More great weather! We had a picnic at the park for supper.

Wednesday: Hmm ... things are starting to blur together, and I have no idea what we did on Wednesday. Ha!

Thursday: Jordyn went to her first sleepover with her friend, Adalyn. (They had spring break all week, so no school on Friday.)

And then the start of the Easter weekend ... lots of pictures to come! :)

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