Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter ~ Saturday

On Saturday we headed to the farm to celebrate Easter with my family! It was such a fun day!

Jaxon found my glasses in my suitcase as I was packing ... silly kid!

We had such a fun time playing outside - we spent almost the whole afternoon and part of the evening outside.

The kids always love to treasure hunt with Grandpa! (I think the big boys do too.)

We had our big Easter egg hunt ...

Love this picture of my parents and the 6 grand kids! Even Jag made it in the picture!

Then we had our "big kid" egg hunt/scavenger hunt ...

Aunti Kiki needs another hand! Ha! My three kiddos all wanted to hold her hands!

We dyed Easter eggs -- outside! We did the normal dye, but we also used shaving cream and rice in cups with food coloring ...

We had a yummy supper ... played some more ... and were completely exhausted! We left the farm around 8:00, and headed to Justin's parents to spend the night and then celebrate Easter with them! 

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