Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun at the Farm!

Last week flew by ... just as this week did. I was sick most of last week. I missed two days of work. I never call in sick. In my 7 years of teaching in this district, I have called in sick for myself maybe 4 times. After 6 days of feeling miserable and running a low-fever, I finally went to the doctor. I was pretty sure I had a sinus infection, and by the time I gave in and went to the doctor, my left cheek was swollen. However, after even just once dose of the antibiotic, I was starting to feel back to normal. Both days that I was home I slept over 5 hours. I felt like I slept more with this sinus infection than I did with mono in college!

I was so glad that the antibiotic made me feel better so that we could go to the farm on Saturday! Kandi, Eric and Calvin were home. We hadn't seen them since Christmas, and we hadn't seen BJ, Devin, Logan and Ryleigh since January! We enjoyed our day - but of course we missed Kayla and Josh.

Snuggles with Calvin after his nap ...

We spent a little time outside at BJ and Devin's house ... but it was pretty cold. The kids had fun riding the 4-wheelers. :)

Love these 6 kids!

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